Caterpillar 2 – 3yrs

In the cosy bumblebee room exceptional care is offered to babies aged from three months until two years. The high standards of care and hygiene practice support the personal care needs of babies and toddlers. We acknowledge that each child is unique and have their own routines and these are closely followed in Bumblebees to ensure consistency from home to nursery, for the babies. Practitioners are highly skilled and sensitive in helping babies form secure emotional attachments and positive partnerships are established with parents..

In the caterpillar room building children’s independence is incorporated into the children’s day. This includes children completing self-registration, self-serving breakfasts, access to a self-care station and being encouraged to dress independently. Children opinions and feelings are valued and listened to, in their termly committee meetings. This allows children to have their say and opinions on their time in Caterpillars. The children have been an integral part in creating ‘room rules’ which have a positive effect on children’s social and behavioural skills.

Language and communication is skilfully planned for and children have immense fun during story time, music sessions and rhyme time which all supports conversation and listening skills. Puppets and role play are also widely used to help children make sense of the word around them, act out real life scenarios and express their emotions. Children have access to a wide range of Literacy, and books in multiple languages around the room.

Mealtimes are very sociable and create a great learning opportunity for children to explore healthy eating and the world around them. Great emphasis is given to ensure mealtimes are familiar to that at home and a positive learning experience. Caterpillars are fully supported but also encouraged to feed themselves independently closely supervised by staff in their room.

Children have access to their own dedicated garden space. We divide this into various areas of learning children can free flow too, meeting every area across the Early Years Foundation Stage. Children also have access to an exciting mud kitchen, equipped with fresh herbs and resources you would find in your kitchen at home!