Bumblebees 0 – 2yrs

In the cosy bumblebee room exceptional care is offered to babies aged from three months until two years. The high standards of care and hygiene practice support the personal care needs of babies and toddlers. We acknowledge that each child is unique and have their own routines and these are closely followed in Bumblebees to ensure consistency from home to nursery, for the babies. Practitioners are highly skilled and sensitive in helping babies form secure emotional attachments and positive partnerships are established with parents..

We also have a variety of push chairs to allow our babies to go on walks out and about in the community. This allows children to explore the local nature reserve, play park, duck pond and lots more!

The babies have their own exclusive garden which is used daily. We divide this into various areas of learning children can free flow too, meeting every area across the Early Years Foundation Stage.  We go out in all weathers, ensuring children are correctly dressed to best explore the weather.

Babies are able to sleep comfortably and peacefully in a dedicated sleep area, where children have the option to sleep in a way which is comfortable for them. We work closely with parents to plan a sleep schedule which best suits the child and you as a family.

The room offers a calm, relaxed atmosphere and is well equipped with an abundance of natural resources. Babies can access high quality toys and resources that are stored at their level within baskets. They can explore the wide variety of treasure baskets and take part in planned heuristic play sessions. Babies and toddlers can access a well stocked role play area and also relax in a designated, welcoming cosy space, where they can share cuddles and stories with their key person. There is also an abundance of messy play opportunities where they can be creative and explore many different sensory materials.

We start each child’s day with our Bumblebee group time which begins with our ‘Hello’ song, followed by our positive affirmations, and signs for the day. Babies can access a visual routine to support them with transitional periods of the day.